From When the Snow Melts, To When It Falls Again (Part II)
Episode 11
Japanese Title 雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで(後編)
Romaji Title Yuki ga Toke, Soshite Yuki ga Furu Made (Kōhen)
Airdate December 14, 2013
Theme Music
Opening None
Ending After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ '13 by Rena Uehara
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Next Episode Episode 12

Haruki And Kazusa Gets Emotional,Kazusa Says That On Festival day

She kissed him when his was asleep,She also told when you formed a

relaationship with setsuna she was hurt,In response haruki says why 

did not she confessed to him before setsuna and hugs her.Kazusa Says

Stay away but Haruki Kisses Her,She Pushes Her and ask him,Why are

you good at kissing and how many times did you kiss setsuna and runs 

away from there in tears,Haruki Collaspes their.