Episode 12
Japanese Title 卒業
Romaji Title Sotsugyō
Airdate December 21, 2013
Theme Music
Opening None
Ending Twinkle Snow '13 by Akari Tsuda
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Episode 13

After last night's incident, Haruki fell ill. Setsuna treats him. Haruki feels guilty for betraying Setsuna. Setsuna tells Io about how she ruined Haruki and Kazuka's relationship by confessing her feeling to Haruki, while being aware that Kazuka was in love with Haruki, as she saw Kazuka kissing a sleeping Haruki on the night of the festival. Kazuka secretly attended the graduation cermony, but leaves after hearing Haruki's speech. Haruki searches for Kazuka , and finda her in the park near his house. Kazuka confesses her feelings to Haruki and they kiss.