A Love That Cannot Be
Episode 13
Japanese Title 届かない恋
Romaji Title Todokanai Koi
Airdate December 28, 2013
Theme Music
Opening None
Ending Todokanai Koi by Madoka Yonezawa (Setsuna)
Previous Episode Episode 12
Next Episode End.

Haruki and Kazusa consummate their love during their last night together. The next morning, Kazusa left Haruki's appartment with his shirt buttons as a reminder of their love, and cries in the train as she leaves. Setsuna comes to get Haruki and head to the airport to catch Kazusa before her flight departs. During the train ride to the airport, Haruki admits his feelings for Kazusa to Setsuna, and tells her she should be mad at him because he betrayed her. However, Setsuna blames herself for the betrayal, as she same in between Haruki and Kazusa's relationship, and admits that Kazusa loves him more than her. They reach the airport and find Kazusa, who apologizes to Setsuna for her betrayal and kisses Haruki for the last time. Then Kazusa leaves for Vienna while Haruki and Setsuna watch her plane depart. Despite Haruki telling her to leave him, Setsuna refuses to leave, saying she'll stay with him so that her heart won't freeze over.