Piano and Guitar, Side by Side
Episode 2
Japanese Title 隣り合わせのピアノとギター
Romaji Title Tonariawase no Piano to Gitā
Airdate October 12, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Todokanai Koi '13' by Rena Uehara
Ending closing '13' by Rena Uehara
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Haruki is entranced by Setsuna's singing on the rooftop, and plots to get her to join the Light Music Club no matter what. But she hates standing out, so convincing her is incredibly difficult. Meanwhile, the club has an even bigger problem. The elite student from Music Room 2 he was trying to persuade to join his club as the keyboard player isn't a member of the Music Class, it's a mysterious person whose class and identity are a total unknown.