Koharu Sugiura
Kanji 杉浦小春
Horoscope Scorpion
Birthday November 16
Instrument None
School Houjou University Attached High School
Class 3-A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Game White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~

White Album 2 ~Shiawase no Mukougawa~

Voice Actors
A girl in her final year at Houjou’s affiliate high school, and approaches Haruki because he rejected her best friend’s confession and said her friend is now depressed.


Responsible, persistent, and having a strong sense of justice, Koharu is very similar to the IC version of Haruki. Needless to say, Haruki is extremely annoyed by the exact copy of his past self, and Koharu refuses to back down unless he explains absolutely everything to her.