White Album 2: Closing Chapter
Game 2
Kanji ホワイトアルバム2 ~closing chapter~
Developer Leaf
Publisher Leaf
Genre Drama, Romance, School Life, Eroge, Visual novel
Platform Microsoft Windows
Release Date December 22, 2011
This is the second part of the White Album 2 game, taking place three years after the end of the introductory chapter and adding new heroines Koharu, Chiaki and Mari.


begins three years after IC, where Haruki is attending Houjou University. He has been traumatized by the events in IC, and has been avoiding Setsuna and intimate human contact in general. Piling as much work onto himself as possible, Haruki tries to avoid thinking about the events of three years ago and instead interacts mainly with people who he believes are as far away from his trauma as possible. However, certain circumstances in his part-time jobs force him to reopen his old wounds that he tried to forget, and face that which he has tried to run away from all this time. CC is where the routes for the side heroines are at, giving Haruki to pursue a romance with girls who aren’t involved with the drama in IC.